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Guitar Repair

Luthier Eric Self also offers professional guitar repairs though his shop in Bowling Green, KY. With over twenty years of experience, Eric has an extensive customer base that includes many local musicians and bands in the independent music community as well as nationally signed popular artists. 

Projects are completed in order of arrival (no standbys) and an accurate estimate and realistic turnaround time will be given after the project is accepted and the quote is approved. We strive to handle turnarounds as quick as possible but we move at a pace that allows professional quality. 

We perform repair on both tube amplifiers as well as solid state amps. Each case is unique and can require different approaches depending upon the diagnosis. Please call and discuss your issue and we can better advise to cost of the repair. 

There is a standard diagnostic bench fee of $65 to cover our time and labor involved in determining what is wrong with your specific amplifier. 

Amp Repair



Pedal Repair

We are the only area based service center for many manufacturers of effects pedals. Servicing can mean cleaning the pedal internals to rewiring or replacing faulty parts. We can diagnose and inform you of what the pedal issue and repair will be in most cases. There is a $25 diagnostic fee that applies, however in many cases a thorough cleaning can fix many issues and that is included in the diagnostic fee. 

Price Guide

The following is a price guide that includes the most common repairs and routine maintenance. These prices are intended to provide a basic guide, and should not be considered an actual quote. Estimates are always free of charge, and an accurate quote will be given before any work is performed.

Repair Pricing
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